Online Loan Application

Thank you for choosing UNIFY Financial Credit Union to apply for your loan.

The application process will take a few minutes. You need to provide your Social Security Number to complete the application.

Please have the following information ready to complete this application:
  • UNIFY Member Number (If applicable)
  • Primary Member's Social Security Number
  • Monthly housing payment
  • Employment information, including current salary
  • All of the above information for the Joint Applicant (if applicable)
Individual: I am applying in my own name and relying solely on my income and assets and not on the income or assets of another person as a basis for repayment.

Joint: I am applying with another person who will also be responsible for repayment and has agreed to this application. If you are completing the application as the joint member, please have the information for the primary member available.

As you complete the loan application you may go back and change your information by using the "Previous" button at the bottom of the page. Please do not use your browser's "back" button, or you may need to re-enter information. If you exit the application at any time before hitting submit your information will not be saved.

To begin, please enter the information requested below.